Something changed with Honeywell thermostat

@ady624 maybe you could provide some insight. Recently, I’ve noticed a new icon next to my thermostat in my list things. I’m wondering if something with the DTH was changed because now I can’t "set cool point " or "set heat point " with CoRE.

It was working fine before. I did not changed my piston. Anyone else with A Honeywell t stat seeing this?

When I try to set cool point with CoRE, this is the error I get in live logging.

Any ideas?? I was working fine before and I didn’t change anything.

Did you relogin to the TCC Connect app after all of the issues a couple weeks back?

I don’t think I have to do that because all the other commands work I can raise and lower the set. And I can use resume program it’s just those two things that I mentioned stopped working

Interesting. Set heating point and Set cooling point are working for me.