Something big is coming :)

I activated an old V2 hub and it was with firmware 001.013.something. All of sudden I see 002. I took a screenshot because I had a feeling this won’t stay there for long. Now it is back to 14 and I am assuming it is making its way to 16.9.

This might not mean anything, but if it does then it is a major update coming our way :slight_smile:


Awesome! Another major crash and outage!!! it’s been sooooo loooooong!


good catch - thanks.

I guess somebody has to get the alpha version, and your lucky Untyped number came up.

so my hub-v2 stays in the box another 16weeks until spring

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@ero4444, sounds like your hub is Punxsutawney Phil.

Mine shows 000.016.00009.