Something big is coming! (June 2021 app update)

Or choose a smaller font display on your mobile device :slight_smile: or disable bold text

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Where’s that ST setting in the app? You’re not suggesting I alter all the fonts for all apps in iOS, lol?

Yep, that is what I am suggesting

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Does anyone with an iPhone use push notifications? I’m not 100% being a new ‘app’ but I think they got rid of pushes, can anyone confirm?

Did you select to send to specific members? If yes, were there two listings for yourself and you only selected one of those?

I have two listings for myself in specific members and only one works. Also, if you do not enable to send to a specific member the notifications work.

Follow up: I found an iPad that was not receiving notifications. I uninstalled/reinstalled the ST app and notifications started working again on it.

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Really disappointed in the app update. All I wanted was a simple view of all my devices’ battery health. I own dozens of SmartThings devices (and others) and checking them one by one is a real chore. It’s a huge oversight in the app.

How much work went into this redesign only to leave basic features like this still missing?

I had devices I had deleted come back from the dead.

I used to be able to see all my devices by room on one page and to hide some devices from view. Now I am forced to flip through rooms to get to them or see one giant list of all devices. This is worse than before.

On Android and iOS, my notifications are still working. However, I looked at my Automations, and I too have two entries listed for myself as well when I select send to specific members. YUK!

So, I’m thinking the reason for two exactly same accounts is that one is my Samsung account that I’m using now, and the other one is my old legacy SmartThings account I used before they had me switch over to the Samsung account perhaps? If so, then maybe they could show Samsung or SmartThings on each account because right now both of them look identical which is confusing.

Which is exactly what the Favorites page does…


Who moved my cheese!?

Only some will understand


It isn’t what the favorites page does, that page is not split by room. It’s just a giant list.

At least you can rearrange the tiles on the favorites screen so tHat helps a little :slight_smile: (can also rearrange on the room screens)

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Maybe you can… I can’t get any of the standard voiceover gestures to work except select and actuate. Drag and drop definitely not working. :disappointed_relieved:

(And for those who wonder how someone like me uses these, Apple provides an accessibility menu which let you record a gesture and then play it back. So I can have an able-bodied person record the gesture and then I can actuate it with Siri. Which, yeah, cool. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



But it is sorted by room. Unless or until you rearrange it to suit.

Just today received the new app update. Seems like all of my devices say “can’t connect to device” when I try to control them. Anyone else see this problem, and if so any suggestions?

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Check the forum, there are already about a dozen threads on this problem. But no solid solutions yet. :disappointed_relieved:

It appears that the cloud is not properly syncing with the app. You can try various different things to get it to re-synch:

Uninstall the app and reinstall. This seems to be working for the most people, but not everyone.

Log out and log back in.

Reboot the hub (not reset, just reboot)

Just wait a few hours

I’m not 100% convinced that any one of those is actually working, it may just be random as to which customers resynch and when. But if you want something to try, those are possibilities.

Make sure you report the problem to support since so far they don’t even have it on the status page. :scream:

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Created another user, invited to the home. Works fine (so far).

I upgraded to the new app. My phone no longer triggers automations when I come home. Where do I set this in the new app? Thanks!

deleted app/reinstalled … fixed this problem. Now to look into something strange on the favorites page. thanks!

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My favorites just so a spinning wheel for all locations.

I use ST, I like ST, I appreciate there are people working hard on its development but…


Among the multitude of oddities is the weather tile, why is weather on a tile ? Why when tapped does it take you to a Web page ? At the very least it could take you to Samsungs own weather app even IF the source is the same it is just good UI flow to show something similar to the app… just mind blowing

The Weather could look like the screen caps below, would Apple develop there own app and push you off to a heavily laden advert site, the information presented can then also be read easily by a screen reader


NOT acceptable

Might as well blame Samsung for the jet stream moving and putting the UK in a low pressure system
#shakes fist#
Dang you Samsung !!!

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