Something big is coming! (June 2021 app update)

Is there a way to see a list of devices offline and have it send a notification? I used to rely on a custom app to send me SMS when things stopped reporting, but for a lot of devices it has stopped being reliable.

Also, is there a way to scroll or search through all devices other than just having in favorites? Sometimes I can’t remember what room a device is in.

Yes. Go to the Devices page. Room name at the top is a pulldown list. First thing on the list is “All Devices”. When you get that list displayed, there’s a search capability.


A brief warning for the iOS app:

  1. When I first updated, all the previous automations (SmartApps → Smart Lighting) and scenes were deleted: a big lump in my throat.
  2. Sighing, I started re-creating them one by one, but the app locked up after pressing “+” at the top right.
  3. I force-closed the app and after opening it, suddenly it was populated with my old automations.

Sheesh, what a whirldwind of emotions. Either be very slow in the beginning as Samsung was too tired to inform us, “We’re still migrating the database etc,” or there’s a more serious bug here.

For reference,

iOS 14.6
iPhone 12 Pro 
SmartThings App 1.6.67-520
SmartThings Hub v3 | Firmware 37.00004
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It took about 15 minutes for my automations to show up.


My devices won’t open up. “Can’t connect to Device, please try again later”. Automations, Scenes working fine so far.

Perfect, thanks!

For my very limited usage, this update seems to have resulted in a much nicer experience.


I had such high hopes but expected the worst and go figure the worst is what I got.

  • Lighting groups disappeared but when I went to re-create them I was told I already have one with that name. I had to delete them from my wife’s phone with the old new app.
  • Some automations are turned off, other automations with missing pieces to them.
  • ALL of my linked services devices to hardware do not work (LIFX, Aladdin Connect, Bond Home, Nest & Brilliant Home Control) and those devices still show but I cannot control or view them and get a network server error. I also cannot delete them and after I removed the Bond Home service I get a network server error when I try to add it back.
  • ALL of my devices will not open if I tap them (network server error) nor can I delete them and most are not updating status. This is also the case for my Samsung TV as all my other devices so I deleted it from my wife’s old new app which deleted fine but it still shows in my app.
  • I no longer show in the Owner section and my wife doesn’t show up at all (assuming that is because she is still on the other version app.

I will be running my good night scene in the future tonight but I do not have high hopes for its success. Guess I can control my linked services devices manually but that takes away the automation part of home automation.

This is absolutely the worst experience I have had after an app update. Once again they release something that is no where near ready for production use. Smartthings is going down fast and getting worse and worse as time goes on. This is no where near what their marketing department is [false] advertising. It is to the point where their system/software is almost completely useless/worthless. I don’t understand how their quality control (if there is one) signed off on this app, it is horrible!

I would say (at least for iOS) re-release the app version before this new design version so I can go back to a fairly useable app. One with a lot off issues as well but useable which this new version is not!

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Did any thing change with member account? I have an owner account (on Android) and member account (iOS). For owner account, things seems to be working. For member account:

  1. Cannot see any devices, just the rooms (owner can view and control)
  2. Cannot add any new device (owner can)
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Please check you are on the correct house/location

New app looks good. One thing I’m noticing is that the SmartThings Cameras are all off and I can’t switch them back on.

No but is sounds like your describing an issue in the iOS version of the app thats likely cured by uninstalling / reinstalling the app on that person’s device…

Anyone have any tips for make custom wallpapers look good? Have been downloading iOS or android wallpaper pictures, but doesn’t look so good even after undoing the blur background.

I had the same missing automations issue as ikjadoon. Same fix worked, force closing app.

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Did Samsung remove the ability to add custom smartapps? I only see the default ones and the ones I have already added. Thanks for your help!

I totally agree! So frustrating today trying to control things just to find out the app updated to something unusable. I eventually deleted the app and reinstalled it and things seem to be updating and controllable again. I did notice that I can’t add any of my smartapps anymore. This might be the last draw and I’ll be switching over to hubitat.

SmartApps are added via the IDE. Are you trying to add them via the app somehow? I’ve always added through the IDE.

I’ve always used the app to add them (not the code but instance of the smartapp). I figured out how to get that back! You have to enable developer mode in the SmartThings app. I guess I have things working again until groovy officially goes away.

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Automation tab, plus sign.

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It’s, been said already, but guessing your scene in 7 letters or fewer isn’t an easy game to play if you have more than a handful of scenes written.