Something big is coming! (June 2021 app update)

I like the Favorites page. I hope they don’t change it.


And then the penny dropped, If you ever used a Microsoft phone this latest Samsung UI should seem very very familiar, all the current UI needs now is tile configuration, how ironic

Now the big question, coincedence or licensing ?

I hope the UI team do take more inspiration from WP , there were some very nice ideas in there

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The curious thing about the Automations tab is that it combines Scenes, Automations and SmartApps onto the same page using a completely different UI to the Devices page, which is essentially addressing the same problem.

Wouldn’t it be better if the Automations tab had individual pages for Scenes, Automations, Quick Controls, SmartApps and Linked Services? Like the Devices page they could be swiped between or use the page title as a drop down menu.

Those with shed loads of Scenes and Automations will still need additional grouping but the Automations page approach of compact section headers and collapsible sections might be worth a try, and Scenes and Automations really could do with some formal grouping anyway (except for me, I only have five Scenes, and three of those look identical in the app as the tile is too small so I just need wider tiles or good old fashioned ‘tooltips’).


Agreed. With all those “Automations” clumped together, I have around 50 items to potentially scroll through. Either present them like the Devices tab or at least have the default to be those categories are collapsed when you first click on the Automations tab.

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You know, I get all the opinions and suggestions but anyone who has been around for any amount of time must realize it will achieve nothing. There appears to be a totally disconnected group driving the UI changes.

How many times have we begged and suggested only to have 99% of wishes go in file 13.


To be fair, one of the primary complaints when losing the Classic app was not having a dedicated Favorites section and everything being buried in menus. And they did do several rounds of user feedback surveys. But there is still a systemic issue with Samsung not being consistent with UI elements in their Apps.


Alignment, consistency, usability the whole app fails on all counts, forgivable for an independent app developer pushing quick updates but for Samsung !! This stuff goes out to millions of devices

IF Microsofts phone UI is being used for the new ST ui there is much hope for improvement, there were some pretty elements to be found in that which could potentially and finaly give stability and inspiration to the ST app

Scroll swipe is a brave move though

So, the new app is definitely snappier, but I am having issues with a few battery operated sensors.

In the smart home monitor and a few other areas, they are showing as “offline,” but if you dig into the tiles they are fine. Additionally, those sensors are clearly properly reporting, as my automations that depend on those sensors are operating just fine.

Any way to kick those sensors to get them to show online everywhere?

Here is an example with a water leak sensor. It sits offline in smart home monitor, but perfectly OK in the tile.

With this latest app update, are you able to see a list of automations for first certain devices?

In other words, if I choose a device, can I see what automations or smart apps that device is being used in?

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No, you cannot see which automations reference a device.

It’s a shame for product management to expend time, money and all the effort that goes into making a UI rewrite, for such limited value. And, with the promise of this new App framework, that we should be seeing issues with status mismatches with one screen not reflecting the other is unacceptable, but predictably disappointing.

Personally, I’m not hitting UPDATE right now.

Not sure if I am alone on this but I have slow device load times since the new new app appeared

Much slower than the previous version

Loading a room and subsequent room drop down list is also slow

You may already have discovered this but the separation into rooms is on the device page. Your can either scroll sideways to flip from room to room or tap on the room name to get a pulldown menu listing all your rooms.

Yes, you can. Tap the three-dots in the upper right, tap “Show Status”. On the resulting page, turn it off.

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Yes but it all or nothing! I dont mind status things "when they are available, But have zero interest in weather Always being there!
Ah, my first grip.

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The iOS update has arrived.


Nice ! Anything new on your end?

Other than the fact if you sign out, then sign back in and nothing loads… everything else appears to be the same as described for android

Update: had to uninstall/reinstall the app to get it to work


Glad you could work it out. You also loose custom wallpapers if you uninstall / reinstall.

They still have not adjusted the incorrect wording in the voice assistant section that directs users to settings > connected services. I have been pointing that out for over a year now since they renamed it to linked services :slight_smile: