Something big is coming! (June 2021 app update)

I can’t ever click on the Edit favorites button on the top because the Android pull down menu comes down every time I try to click on it. Did this new app go through QA? I have already submitted a support ticket.

@Andremain If it’s any consolation I haven’t got the update in the UK, but I am blaming Brexit for that… It gets blamed for everything so I am jumping on the bandwagon :wink:

I sideloaded from SamMobile so I can have a play this weekend.


I installed it a few hours ago and i ve spend a few hours setting my favorites, sorting the rooms and adding room backgrounds.

Looks ok so far…

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How the heck do you edit an automation ?

Oh dear I think there are issues

This happened because a quick timer was creating an issue on its attached device, resolution was to delete the quick timer automation using the v3 app on another device, the quick timer was then re created within the (app 21) new app

Yeah, that too.

STHM is pretty much useless for me since this update. It now shows 16 devices offline, I can’t view sensors (I just get a blank page), and settings won’t open (spinning wheel of death).

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Would it be feasible to delete from v3 and re create in app 21 (new app) John

I just went through all my automations, opening, saving which then triggered local icons

@Andremain what’s your take on it? What’s anyone’s take on the new app? I like rooms on the main screen in the old app better.

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100% agree Dom
New app Not as good tbh

I guess we have to get used to change & the way its setup its gonna make us use the app more by swiping here & there, but as long as they make the important improvements, that’s all that counts & excluding rooms, I do see improvement.

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I wish you could create groups (the same as cameras and lights) for each device type. Then you can add the group to favorites in the app and quickly see the status without all the clutter. If somethings on, you just tap the group to see everything inside that group.

You can create camera groups. I did. I did it in devices, added to room called cameras, marked as a favorite & it appeared on my home screen. Only issue I’m having is i cant select my ring doorbell in camera group… it does not show up in there.

I was hoping for some status tiles showing which doors are open and which lights are on along with thermostat/AC temp readings/status

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Well hopefully they are looking at all these comments & will incorporate some of the recommendations into the app with the next update.

On Android I can ‘press-and-hold’ anything and move it around in the new GUI, so have you tried to do that?

I see you’re still rocking the Gear S3. So am I! I still have to use the MST feature on Samsung Pay at the two main stores that I shop at. One of the stores won’t even turn on the chip reader even though they have it.

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Still limited to 20 rooms…

Yeah, but you can’t move anything above scenes. It makes no sense.

I really liked the new app to be honest. I believe that it needs some changes but it is a turn to the right direction.


I agree. The way I use the app the new design is much better for me than the previous version. And with the new features added to automations like new preconditions, being able to send notification to specific members and local execution, this was avery good update for me.


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