Some V2 new defects

Just a random smattering of issues worth documenting

  1. When activating Routines, I’ve often noticed devices don’t receive the off/on command. This seems to be an issue with long lists of devices – more than 50+. I think this might be because of the 20 sec runtime abort? If that’s the case, Routines should get some kind of exception there

  2. I am still having issues where SmartApps are confused what mode I’m really in. I have many apps that execute out of their allowed mode sometimes which is really frustrating. Turning off the hub for 10 min then back on usually solves this, but I have to do it once a week or so. (The inverse of this also happens, where things should fire but don’t, because they are in the wrong mode. My gut says the local hub is not knowing the true state)

  3. I often trigger the security alarm by what seems like just a few seconds. My presence sensor marks me home, the Routine is running to mark me as Home, but it takes a minute or so to disarm – so I get an intruder alert. I feel that there is more dev work needed here.

  4. I’ve seen lots of examples of LAN devices not getting parsed on their network commands. I do know ST is getting a response from my logging. I’m not sure what to make of this one – it just seems like the content dissapears.


Speaking specifically to #3: I have the same problem and quickly abandon the built in Alarm function. Until it gets a ‘delay’ feature it’s virtually useless.

Use the Smart Alarm app by geko in the marketplace. It has a delay feature and works much, much better.