Some users in the Americas may be experiencing issues with their hub going offline and losing control of hub-connected devices

Israel in someway is considered the 51st US state :slight_smile:
This explains why the incident to “some users in the Americas” affected my Israeli hub too… :slight_smile:

SmartThings guys - wake up and please be aware that your incidents are world wide, also if I get faults that affect the Americas - then I expect not to be thrown away when contacting the support line…

I had a bunch of issues last night 14-MAY, that caused me to think I had malfunctioning sensors.
Where is the best place to see if Samsung is having an outage?

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You can subscribe for updates here

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This relates to something I was discussing the other day. The status page is broken up into three regional groupings. I would expect that a user in Israel would redirect to if they sign into However, I would suspect that is not the behavior you experience. If so, you made need to subscribe to the Americas on the status page for the most relevant updates for you.

In terms of support, reporting an issue through the new app (overflow menu --> contact us) is the best way to ensure you reach the regional support team most equipped to assist you.

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