Some Strange Things Happening In "Once a Day"

Someone has to explain this one. I haven’t been able to figure out why my Living Room Light kept coming on each day at 3:10pm and then shutting off at 3:11pm. But then I figured out why atter looking at the activity log in the Android App. It said the “1” sent the off command to my Living Room Lights.

Now here is the strange part. I have a SmartApp that I was writting that I just named to “1” (Actually “Once a Day” by ST). This Smart App is not nor has it ever been assigned to an App on my phone. But when I looked at it in the IDE and hit Preferences, sure enough, it was set to turn on my Living Room lights at 3:10pm and shut them off at 3:11pm.

Now again, this is not assigned to anything on my Android Device nor did I have the IDE loaded on my PC, why would this continue to run? Is this normal even though I’m not running the Simulator?

I can hit the ‘UnInstall Button’ to clear it, but it looks like I am going to have to check all of my SmartApps in the IDE and make sure they too are all uninstalled.

If you have any Apps running in the simulator and do not stop/uninstall them, they will continue to run if you close the tab. You can see apps/device types that are currently running in the simulator if you go to the custom SmartApp/Device Type page and see a blue box with your location name on it.

Thank you. I will go through and make sure everything is uninstalled.