Some lights are not reporting on-state (September 2023)

This always worked before, and now it stopped working, it could already be a whle but now noticed it.
In routines, the lights are responding to commands.
But routines that execute based on the power on state, stopped responding, as smartthings always shows these devices as offline. When i check the history of the lights, they also do not report turning on. However they are turned on by a routine. They simply do not report the “on” state.

Is this more common? Some lights i have do not have this problem. Unfortunately no idea of the brand, but i do know this worked before with no issue.

Note that when i turn on these affected lights manually, they do report their on-state. Just routines are not making them report being turned on.

Brand and model of the lights? And if they are using edge Drivers, which one? :thinking:

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I can use it with samsung’s own “zigbee switch” driver, and with @w35l3y’s personal tuya devices driver.
Both function fine, dimming and powering on/off with routines. but also both will not show the lights as “on” when turned on through a routine. manually turning them on is registered, also in history of the device.

The lights are from Lidl, the “livarno” different color temperature bulbs.

The driver “Personal Tuya Devices” could be used only if your device uses 0xEF00 cluster.

If it doesn’t use it, you may try using the driver “Default Clusters”

What is the details of your device?

I currently solved the issue by using the dim function as a “if”. So if a light is 5%, then this.
The if the light is on, does not work, because smartthings won’t show the device as on, when it’s on, if done by a routine.

Your driver worked on it to switch the device on and off. But the standard zigbee switch driver as well.

What details do you need? the fingerprints?

If you are using the driver “Default Clusters”, then I would like a screenshot of the whole detail view.

I don’t have that driver…where do i get it? here is a screenshot with the lamp using your driver, that also contains some info…

It is in the same invitation link that you used to install that driver.
But as you identified, it seems a bug that independs of driver.

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