Some Alexa humor

(Eric) #1

It does feel like this sometimes…

(Mike) #2

Sums it up perfectly for me, the video is missing one thing


Because for whatever reason it decides to spurt information completely out of context or reason and occasionally from 3 different devices at the same time … WTF !!!

This one always makes me laugh

(Eric) #3

That’s pretty funny…along those lines, there’s this favorite. :smiley:

(C L Sanchez 1877) #4

Just a meme, but I thought it was pretty funny given the current political climate

(Tyler Durden) #5

At least she had the good sense not to honor his command for Nickelback.

(Kirk Hilzinger) #6

The words, “B*tch, you betta recognize” might have been said to Alexa a time or two at my house.