Solved the problem where only about 1/3 of smartthings requests were working

I have about 10 Cree lights and 4 motion sensors to turn them on and off. I also have Sonos speakers and a few outlets on my Smartthings network. On one day last week it seemed that communication on my network was getting bad. I’d walk into my bathroom and the light would turn on but it would not turn off in the prescribed 3 minutes of no motion.

For three days I performed factory resets on devices, rebooted the router hub, wifi router, removed and readded them to the network, removed smart apps, ran a network repair, … None of this helped. Still i’d have to press a button 3 or 4 times to get it to turn on the lights it was supposed to control.

In what I thought was an unrelated event, I noticed that my Sonos surround speakers were silent. After some poking around I found that one of my surround speakers was unplugged. I plugged it in and readded it to the Sonos network and magically my Smartthings network went back to responding to 100% of requests.

Maybe this is unrelated but the unplugged speaker was the closest device to my Smartthings hub on my network.

Hi @Kevin_McGurn, I doubt plugging that speaker in did anything to help since it’s WiFi, and all the other devices you mentioned seemed to be Zigbee. By the way, running a network repair only works for Zwave devices, so if any of your outlets are Zwave, it could have helped them.

Debugging your environment after everything you’ve done is very hard to do now, and it’s likely that you didn’t need to go through everything you did, especially doing the resets and rejoins.

Since it’s your lights/bulbs that you’re experiencing issues with, I’m leaning towards interference, or more than likely flaky CREE bulbs, or maybe another non-battery powered Zigbee device like an ST or GE wall plug - do you have any of those?. I used to have these bulbs, and they do not play well at all. They act as Zigbee routers in your mesh, and every so often they decide to just stop doing that. When that happens, things start to fall apart, like you’re seeing. I ended up replacing all 12 of my CREE bulbs with Sengled bulbs because of issues like this.

Also, could any of these bulbs been physically powered off somehow? Since these are routers in your Zigbee mesh, they must have power to them 100% of the time.

How about your outlets, what kind are they? Manufacturer/model would be helpful to know as well. If any of them are Zigbee, and if they were unplugged, that would also cause you problems in your Zigbee mesh.