[Solved] Smartthings + webcore or hubitat?


So after stringify gone for a while where is the pendulum swinging? To webcore or hubitat or something completely different?

So I installed webcore today. It is super easy to install and create automations. From the screenshots I thought Webcore would be a bit of a hassle. Absolutely not. Within 20 min I had everything up and running and was writing my own “automations” / pistons. I even got some IFTTT webhooks working. (Man, the IFTTT UI is crap. How can someone build a UI as dismal as IFTTT in 2019?)

I no longer shed any tears that Stringify is gone. Webcore is so much better.

install guide here: https://wiki.webcore.co/

I have mostly moved to Hubitat. I used Webcore some but to me it was way too complicated. I am a part time programmer and found it hard to navigate Webcore. That’s my experience and others will disagree and that’s fine. I found it easier in ST to write my own small groovy smartapps.

In Hubitat, to me anyway, the rule manager is far easier to understand and program.

What is really concerning me about ST. I still maintain a friends system. I had to do a couple small groovy apps for his system as there was no other way to accomplish what he wanted easily. I have been reading about all the new stuff coming out and am completely lost. I may be wrong about this, but it seems to be oriented to developers and not to users. In other words if you are a casual user you have to get something from a developer to do what you want. Again, I may be completely off base on my interpetation. I tried to understand the new API stuff and gave up. Beyond my capabilities.

Just my 2 cents worth. Certainly not bashing ST in any way. I think it’s a great system, but not sure if it will stay viable for the casual user. And who knows, maybe Hubitat will not pan out either.

I have both and although Hubitat has its advantages, I find that ST is way more polished. I’m excited about the future of ST and although I had doubts, I’m sticking with ST. I laid out my concerns in the post below. Seems like we WILL loose some current functionality but webCoRE is being embraced in the new API so that’s pretty darn exciting! Also, local processing is being addressed.


I personally use Core, and have not upgraded to webcore cause I also found it overly complicated. With local automations coming to webcore “in a matter of weeks” or sometime after the new rules api is released it will be something I’ll be reconsidering after this update. Also with rumors of the older groovy api going away, I’m kinda looking at everything as I decide what is next.

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I think many people will now wait to see where the new platform changes take us.

Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2019 (October 29-30, 2019)

The most recent iteration of the new SmartThings V3 app is much improved for those with fewer than 20 devices or so. (The load time for those with more devices still seems to be a sticking point for many.) The built in rules engine in the V3 app is much better than the one in the classic app. And we are now seeing many more brands added.

My biggest concern With ST remains the “This has worked fine for months and now it doesn’t” issue. Continual undocumented platform changes with no way to protect against them or rollback to the functioning version.

It’s a high price to pay for what is otherwise a very attractive system at this price point.


webCoRE is running well now on HE (if you choose that route).

Hey thanks for posting. That soudns promising and led me to install webore and become an instant fan of webcore.

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