[Solved] Removing automatic start time trigger from Good Morning phrase?

I originally set up my “Good Morning” phrase to automatically perform at 5:20am. Since I got my Tasker integration working, I’d rather only have the action happen when Tasker triggers it. Unfortunately, if I try to remove the time from the phrase, it won’t let me save it, saying Please fill out all required fields.

Is there any way to get rid of the automatic start time all together?

I’m not sure if its the same for Android, but on iOS, you would just hit the Uninstall button when you’re on the “At a Certain Time” page.

Ok, I’ve seen that button, but was hesitant, as I thought it would uninstall the whole “Good Morning” phrase!

Yup, that’ll just uninstall that part of it. Just don’t hit uninstall on the main “Good Morning” page and you’ll be good.

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Thanks! All taken care of now!

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Uninstalling the “Good Morning!” fraze is not an issue. You can just recreate it and naming it with the same naming convention. I use Android and when I ran into an issue, I just re-installed this event.