[SOLVED] Hub v3 wired works, wifi doesn't LG V50 ST App

Brand new Hub v3 setup and working on Wifi about 3 weeks ago. Accidentally deleted Hub in ST app (newb). Now I can’t get it back to Wifi…

Hub had to be added to ST app with Ethernet, because I could not get it working on wifi, no matter how many times I factory reset it. Now just trying to change to wifi, and it’s failing at the exact same place as trying to set it up with wifi initially:
-press reset button until light turns from solid GREEN to blinking YELLOW
-scan barcode with ST app
-ST app asks “device to use with SmartThings”
-choose my home wifi network
-phone says "network has been disconnected’
-app says “Verifying code”
-phone reconnects to my wifi, then disconnects again
-REPEAT Verifying code/wifi disconnects forever
-have to kill the ST app and reboot the hub to try again

Tried 5GHz and 2.4GHz home wifi.
Tried deleting the ST app from phone (LG V50)
Tried factory reset hub a hundred times
Tried phone and hub right next to wifi router
Tried rebooting wifi router

ONLY thing that works is hub via ETHERNET. Please help???

[SOLVED] Had to install previous ST apk to get wifi working on my LG V50: https://apkpure.com/smartthings/com.samsung.android.oneconnect/download/175021010-APK?from=versions%2Fversion

Something to try, create a guest network with your router on the 2.4GHz band with a stupid simple password. Maybe it will connect to that.

While I’ve not had a problem with SmartThings, I did have a Honeywell thermostat that lost the WiFi connection frequently and refused to reconnect until I first connected it to my simple guest network.

No luck, exact same behavior.

Factory Reset Hub. Used my Gf Galaxy phone to add the hub using Wifi. Worked perfectly. Exact same app version as my LG phone! Factory reset hub again, tried with my phone, process fails like before, AND the steps do not match the steps using my Gf’s Galaxy??? My phone fails at “verifying code” which is right before getting to the screen where I am to “select the wifi network your hub will use”. Tried it again with GF phone, works perfect again… Is there a way to see the hub I added to her phone, on my phone?

You could try logging into your Samsung account from her phone prior to adding the hub.

Not sure how badly that will bork her phone, though.

SOLVED by installing previous version of ST on my LG V50:

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