SOLVED: How To Programatically Trigger Alexa to Wake/Pay Attention?

As already discussed above, there is no way to re enable a microphone on an echo device without physically pressing the button on the device. That appears to be an intentional part of the privacy safeguards for the device. The remote doesn’t do it either. (It can mute, but not disable.)

So the option, as I mentioned, is to add a “robot finger“ which can push that button for you. This is definitely possible, I use a number of them in my own home since I am quadriparetic and have limited use of my hands, but tends to be more complicated and more money than most people want to spend for this type of use case.

2019 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT

And in this particular case, then in order to have voice control of the robot finger you would either need to use your phone to get to the app that controls the robot or have yet another voice device that you could talk to.

This might be useful for someone in a situation like mine where they need a totally hands-free option and they wanted to be able to disable the microphone on a particular device, or were willing to use the phone to reenable it. But I’m not sure anyone else would be interested in this particular approach.

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