[SOLVED] Google Assistant, Italian Language


is it possibile to contribute into the integration of ST with Google Assistant? I can ask for actions in english, and it works, but I can’t in italian. Should be really easy to accomplish. Can the community support you?


On mine i can ony command toggle and switches just saying “accendi luce”, but it do not work with routines i do not found the command to perform it yet

If I ask “accendi [luce soggiorno]” it says: “Qualcosa è andato storto, mi dispiace”, something like: “it doesn’t works, I’m sorry”.

If I ask “turn on [bedroom light]” it works. :frowning:

Can be a matter of configuration? Uhm maybe my google account is in english??? Let me check!

sorry for OT question. but if you ask: “qual è il 15% of 200” it works? or you can ask just in english: “what’s the 15% of 200” ?


I don’t know if is the best procedure, but in my case has worked. I open the app “allo”, signed in with the same account used in Google Assistant, wrote this message to @google “Google Assistant”, “Talk me in italian”; it says “ok parliamo italiano”; wrote “accendi la luce del bagno”; it gives me the answer in english, but worked. Then back on Google Assistant App: “Spegni la luce del bagno” -> “Certo, spengo la luce del bagno” with a strong male voice it switched off the light!

IT WORKS!! Going to buy Google Home Mini :))