[Solved] Echo Speaks - Single Echo not responding to Speak commands

I set up Echo Speaks and everything was working perfectly. All Echos were saying phrases that I coded them to in WebCoRE, all was great.
Then, randomly, my kitchen Echo decided to stop running commands. I change the Echo device in the piston, it works fine with the temporary Echo.
I In the Classic app> SmartApps> Echo Speaks, it shows the kitchen Echo as online. I do the speak test for all Echos, and they all reply, except for the Kitchen Echo.
Any ideas?

Try to reset the que for that device (in the device panel for the Echo in question in classic) if that doesn’t work go ask in the EchoSpeaks 3 thread.

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That solved it, thank you! I would have just posted on that thread, but it’s locked for some reason…

I am having the same issue. I opened the device and hit Reset Queue. It did not work. The device passes the Speech Test fine, but will not do the Announcement test.