SOLVED: Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter (ZW095) Action Button

Where the heck is this button??? I have tried to pair this with my ST hub (v2) as well as Aeon Labs USB z-wave Stick but have gotten nowhere. The LED just keeps blinking (indicating not paired)

The instruction provided are simple:

  • Put the z-wave hub in include mode
  • Press the “Action button” on the Meter. YThe diagram shows this button to be on the side of the meter. Nothing obvious. Tried pressing down on the side (as well as other side) but there certainly seems no give that would press a button.

The instructions also provide a “factory reset” option. Press action button for 10 seconds. That didnt work either…

Anyone have any idea or clarification???

Good grief… The following may be useful to the next poor sod who cant find this button.

This is what manual shows for the Action button

See any Action button?? Maybe its on the back??

Hhhmm. Doesnt look like any accessible button here. Unless… We remove the back…

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