SOLD - 5x Multipurpose Sensors (v3) New in Box - $125 shipped


Asking $125 shipped for the set of 5 ($25 each inc shipping), all new in sealed boxes. They’re are about a year old and have been sitting on a shelf so I can’t guarantee the batteries but I assume since the plastic was never pulled they should be ok.

I also have a NIB button I’ll add in for $15.

this is a good deal, being new. used ones are going for $35-$55 each on ebay.

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Yeah, apparently there’s a shortage of these sensors and no one has them in stock. Actually debated selling them on eBay but the rules have recently changed and I just don’t want to deal with eBay. Figured I’d try here

Hi Allen @vseven,

I assume you’re in the us? I’m in Canada perhaps that’s not gonna work then, plus, I was wondering if you were ok to sell just 2 of them since I don’t need all 5 of them.

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