Solar API Integration

Hello all,

We just had Solar installed at home and the API can be published for use. Here is what the Web site says, “With the Enlighten Systems API, software developers can write external applications that read system production data. These applications may ask you to enter a user id in order to make API requests on your behalf.”

There is an Android app as well which seems to show the same data as the web site, not sure if that makes any difference or not.

So my questions are

  1. Are there any apps that I can use to tap into this API such as SmartTiles or ???
  2. Can you walk me through the process or point me to good documentation, keeping in mind that I am not a developer :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

You should try my device type for the Envoy - it talks to your envoy on the local LAN which removes the need for a developer account and all rate limits and such):

Note that I have only tried this with the “old-style” Envoy - if you have an Envoy-S some tweaks might be needed (though I would gladly help you out to extend the device type to support those as well in case the API is different).