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When SSung SThings posts a notice of an update, they persistently fail to give the new version numbers. What are the current version numbers for the app and hubs/stations for both Android and Apple phone?


you may need to clarify these comments because they do not match what I generally see.

In the forum, they post a thread with the version number and the date it will be rolled out. for example, here is the thread for 49.8 for the v2, v3 and aeotec hubs: The version is in the title and also in the first post.

They also post firmware updates on the Status page. You can subscribe to receive notices if you wish. Here is the current firmware update: Version is posted in the post along with hubs to receive the firmware.

for the ST app: the version can be found by clicking on menu and tap on Settings (the cog) and select About SmartThings. You can look in the app stores to show the latest version released. As of this post - Android: iOS:

Station firmware: maybe @Automated_House can provide that for you


Their emails about the updates do not show version numbers. Thank you for the versions.

The emails I receive from ST ( for these things usually have the versions. As an example:

The email from August 21st stated “Maintenance in progress” and referred to the email from August 17th stating “Upcoming scheduled maintenance notice” that did have versions outlined:


The August 21st email also referred to this article (as @jkp mentioned) :


As others have said, the emails about Hub firmware updates most definitely show the hub models affected and the version of the update.

I’ve never gotten emails about updates to the phone app. Those just update when they’re available.

It would be helpful if you provided an example of the email where you’re seeing the issue

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