Soffit Lighting -Automated

Firstly, apologies for anyone following me round the various forums as I have asked this question in various guises but as I decide on something it brings more questions.

I have decided to fit soffit spots and a RGB strip across the back of our bungalow. I was going to control them with a LightwaveRF relay and a wireless switch. But the more I have been thinking about it, the more I am swayed to set it up so that it links directly into ST rather than indirectly through IFTTT

What do I need to get this set up (I will be getting an electrician to do this) with ST compatible gear.

For info, I will probably have the RGB set to go on and off at dusk and dawn and maybe have the spots to work with the presence sensor (phones) as we use the back door to come and go (lights need to be bright enough to see the lock.)

Also if anyone has any particular recommendations on soffit spots and RGB strips ( someone has already recommended using a diffuser for the RGB).

These are going to be installed outdoors?

If so, what’s a typical winter like?

Yes outdoors.
We are in the North East of England so cold! Average cold temperatures are quoted online as being between 0c and +2c but it is frequently below 0c. Up to -3c I would guess.

Hopefully the picture I have attached is showing. We have full access to the loft.

Well, the Fibaro RGBW controller is an excellent choice for ST. I use this for the soffit box inside my kitchen/diner (note inside!).

My post in this thread shows what I used, the LED strip is rated as waterproof, but I’m not sure on temperature. My gut feeling is that you should be fine at those temperatures.

There’s a lot in that thread you can pick up on. I’m based in the UK.

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Hmm I wish you hadn’t linked to this - I linked through to the picture - very nice, now how do I persuade hubby that I need that setup :sunglasses:

Can fibaro modules be used on their own - specifically the double relay switch or do you need the control centre?

I have found a spec sheet which says the operational temp range is 0 - 40c. In am wondering if I can get the electronics in the loft, in which case do lofts go below 0c?

Glad you like it!

Fibaro modules can be used independently of any other fibaro hardware, so for that particular setup all you need is the RGBW module (and power supply, led strips etc).

Is that the operating temperature of the fibaro or the led strip? If the fibaro, then that may not be a problem as it can be positioned well away from the led strips (using RGBW extension cable)

Yes the fibaro. I hadn’t thought about the RGBW stuff being affected by the cold - but thinking about it, I put a LWRF plug in the garage and that stopped working, and at Christmas I put a long mains operated string of lights along the fence and they haven’t lasted 6 months, So temperature is a big issue with electronics.

Hmm, I might just start with ordinary soffit spots connected to a fibaro relay and then look at the RGBW stuff later.

If you’re looking at spot lights, a Fibaro dimmer 2 might be the way to go (even if you don’t need dimming, they have numerous lighting benefits over a relay).

If you’re considering RGBW spot lights now or further down the line, then do look at smart bulbs. I don’t think that there’s a good controller solution for dumb RGBW spot bulbs.

This is getting more complicated by the minute - too many decisions! Compounded by the fact that Vesternet have the Fibaro Dimmer 2 on offer today.

If I just went with spots with smart bulbs then there would be no need for the Fibaro? as all the control would be through the bulbs? (I already have Hue in the house.)

Or presumably the cheaper option would be to start with bog standard spots (with probably dimmable bulbs) and the Fibaro Dimmer so that the option is there later to upgrade to smart bulbs.

That’s correct. Smart bulbs would control themselves. You can of course reuse the Dimmer 2 elsewhere, or eBay it. They’re pretty desirable so would probably hold their value as long as they’re the current model.