"Socket is Unhealthy" - Ecolink Door Sensor

I have a new Ecolink z-wave Door Sensor. I had it working fine for 24hrs. Then it stopped sending open/close signals. The status on the Things page always shows ‘Open’. I have deleted the device, taken the battery out for a while, then added it back as a new device.

Per the activity feed it shows:

Replacing client registration
Received new client registration
Socket is Unhealthy
Registering with Client Connect
Registered with Client Connect
Checking connection
Connection is healthy

Those events appear if you’ve enabled the “Extra Debug Events” option in the app Support menu.

Nothing to worry about - it’s just your phone connecting to our servers.

If you continue to have trouble with your Ecolink sensor email us at support@smartthings.com or jump on live chat at http://support.smartthings.com.