Soap App - Indiegogo Campaign

(Dave) #1

Is anyone here (user or ST employee) working with the people in the link below? They are reselling ST’s hubs claiming their app is “set up to be used with the Soap app”. This is their 3rd attempt to get people’s money. The first was on Kickstarter the 2nd and this one on Indiegogo. They’ve changed their scope each time have never provided detailed specs nor anything resembling a coherent business plan. If they have integrated with ST’s I would think someone here might know and be able to lend a hint of credibility to their campaign.

(Tim Slagle) #2

Seems kind bad sketchy… What does it ACTUALLY do? Lol

(Jason Mok) #3

Not having any business plan or detailed spec on the items is a good red flag not to sponsor such campaign. It really looks like they are just looking for gullible people to spend their money.

(Dave) #4

I was a backer on Kickstarter but was able to get a refund when it became clear they were either incredibly naive, ignorant or a scam.

Normally I would have ignored their 3rd funding scheme but when I saw it’s claim to integrate to ST I became curious hence my question here. I would expect for them to have any real integration the ST team would be aware of it. Add in that one of the perks includes a ST, effectively reselling them, I really think someone on the ST team would be aware. So far it appears not.

(Tim Slagle) #5

There silence is probably mandated by their legal team :wink: haha!

(Julie Jacobson) #6

I have posted a few in-depth stories the past couple of days about this third attempt at crowd-funding, the individual bankruptcies of each founder, the shift from Soap’s own Android-based touchscreen-enabled home automation router to a generic router + SmartThings plus some cloud software. Read all about the scandals here.

(Dave) #7

Thanks Julie - I’ve been following your articles and really appreciate your research into Soap.

(Julie Jacobson) #8

Didn’t care to waste my time on them until they went for that third campaign and Alex flaunted his new BMW convertible on facebook. I wanted to make sure any new backer was informed. So now all they have to do is Google Soap, Indiegogo. No excuses if they get suckered.