So... What's an Action?

After upgrading my iOS app I’m not certain I have everything setup optimally.

It seems I should setup many of my “Things” again the “actions way” in order to get them onto the dashboard in the right category. I’m specifically referring to a Z-Wave thermostat and Z-Wave lock.

Can anyone chime in as to how apps and actions are different and in which scenario one might choose one of the other?

The new app update confuses me a bit too.

Actions appear to be what they used to call “smartapps” because I notice the Keep Me Cozy and Hello! listed in actions.

It seems like some things are duplicated in the actions area. Currently I have the “goodbye” thing switching off all of my lights when both people leave. It seems i can do this same thing in actions…where would be the best place to do it? Are the goodbye, im back, good morning, good night things going away?

I played around a bit more last night and here’s some more findings:

There’s now the concept of a “Door” which is a combination of a lock and a contact sensor and a “Shortcut” which just displays the state of said combined device. Neither do I have a real grasp on how they relate to apps. Not sure that this existed in the previous update as I got my lock the same day as the update and only briefly configured it.

The status of the “Door” (and it’s corresponding “Shortcut”) is actually broken on the current app for my lock (Kwikset 910, no contact sensor) if you unlock the door it will also say “Unlocking” or “Locked” if you exit back to the dashboard (Devs. are aware, I emailed them).

Overall I wish you could get rid of all the categories they’ve introduced in the new version and return to the simplicity of Apps & Things because they just make the app slow to load, but I know it’s just me being resistant to change at the moment.