So still a bit confused as why my virtual switches are working the wrong way round lol?

on state turns the lights off and off state turns them on quite annoying when looking at dash I was going to just swtich the icon round, but then in app on phone there wrong too.

Can you post your automation so we can see what you’re doing?

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thanks for the super quick response bry, actually diving into this as a complete noob for a article to try to make the article less daunting for novices like myself.

I think it was my own fault as I had made a light group of all 3 of the swtiches as well as virtual switches and once I turned the light groups off the switches worked the correct way round.

Set up is fully kiosk browser on a fire 10 with sharp tools as control and screensaver as dakboard, its a deep rabbit whole, I am only setup with the tablet and lights and ring at the moment, but cameras on route and have added quite a few routines myself (for example if someone pressing ring doorbell after sundown the porch light comes on for 5 minutes). Although I am still pretty much a noob at all this.