So many z-wave devices randomly not working

Is anyone else having issues where their z-wave devices are not working.
Mine work about half the time. Tried customer service but they said everything looks good.
I did not add anything to my network in the last year. ST has been pretty solid for over a year until about 2 weeks ago.

I tried “Repair Z-wave Network” but nothing happens, it just keeps spinning. I have about 25 z-wave devices.

Have you tried disabling Device health? Don’t know why but it randomly reports perfectly working devices as unavailable.

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This!! I had three or four devices “not responding” according to the app, but once I clicked on the device the error went away.

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I turned the device health off and still have problems.
Opened two tickets now, nothing…

I have this issue too. Devices stopped responding to app commands and Alexa commands as well. Also it’s not limited to z-wave for me. 2 of my ST multi sensors are showing offline.