So is this it with migrations?

Are we all done with the migrations? Or can we expect more things to break?

Trying to triage the fallout even though we were given enough time it seems like driver migrations where a hit or a miss.

I might just end up leaving and starting over on another hub. Seems like even when a new edge driver is give an item some do not work as intended anymore.

There appears to still be some migrations yet to come. And it also depends on what you define as “migration.“ For example, we know that there are still more edge drivers to be released. We know that the smartlighting migration has not completed for all customers. we know that they’ve told us they are looking into the issue of virtual switches for people who don’t have hubs, but there’s no solution listed yet. We know that some third-party like Ifttt are still working on their integrations to the new platform. And we know that the matter integrations are still in progress.

We also know that they expect to continue to add functionality to the rules API in the near future, and that they would like to move more of the rules to local processing where possible.

So there’s no specific timeline, but I would expect to continue to see multiple changes on a frequent basis for the next couple of months. :thinking:


That is what I meant. Thank you @JDRoberts ! You have always been helpful around the forums.

I was looking over my API browser and not everything is running local… So I am assuming that more things are to come for me and this is only the beginning of things around the house to stop working. Afraid to update anything that is working since it can’t be reverted anymore. Having issues with switches, that do have the new driver.


I would imagine the migration from DTH to Edge drivers is ongoing for those devices that have already been ported and there is clearly some snagging already underway.

However there are still devices that haven’t been ported to Edge yet. I’m waiting on the Sonoff S26R2ZB and more significantly Sonos. Then Virtual Switches and Dimmers need addressing as they are stock DTHs too.


Fascinating. I’m dealing with identical devices, some of which were migrated to an Edge driver and some that were not on the same hub. In fact, most all of my Leviton ZWave dimmers are still DTH drivers but a couple are Edge drivers now.

All my Leviton Fan Control ZWave switches stayed DTH drivers but are now light switches so the speed control is gone.

@#$% show.

They’re still working on the Leviton fan driver. Surprised it was migrated already.

I know how you feel…I almost feel like just letting all break, then try to figure out what to do, since have some of the new drivers don’t even work right.

I’ve been surprised - some very basic things like my z-wave contact sensors (Ecolink, I believe) - have not yet migrated.