SNZB-04 pair with smartthings hub


I don’t have a sonoff zigbee bridge and wanted to know if it is possible to pair this directly with the smartthings hub?


yes, pairs direct to ST hub. Mine has some trouble staying connected, though. Tends to drop offline every couple of months.

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Many thanks Jimmy. Connected like a charm. Just started using today and will see how it goes. Do you know I can find the correct battery level as it showed 51 to start with and then after a series of door opening and closing (as test), it is now showing 69%?

My battery started off at 51% and now it is showing 100%. Have you faced the same problem as I am not sure what the exact battery level is?

Assuming you are saying every couple of days as my stay for 12-16 hours. Any solutions?

No solutions as far as I can think of. Try re-pairing (I would have done at least10 times) and checking the battery. It should be 100% logically if you have purchased a new one.