SNZB-01 through ZBBridge: anyone having it seen by the ST app?

Hi there,

Very long time I didn’t post anything… because everything was working fine… till I move to a new country and have to replace a bunch of devices (sold on craiglist before leaving the US and replaced by what I thought would be a good idea: ewelink/sonoff devices).

So I have 3 plugs, one SNZB01 button and a ZBBridge from ewelink/sonoff.

Originally, I didn’t have the bridge and connected directly plugs and button to ST hub. Plugs work like a charm. Button using DTH handling those Ikea and so on is another story… Problem is: after a few hours or days, the button would not send press events and I have to add it back to make it work for another round.
I then bought the ZBBridge hoping the link would be more stable for the button but now the issue is that the button won’t show up in ST app despite i enabled the ewelink cloud to cloud (the plugs show up properly for those I installed throught the ewelink app).

Anyone would have that scenario working and able to guide me through?

Thanks a lot!