SMS phone number changed

(Beckwith) #1

Did anyone notice the phone number sending SmartThings notices has changed? Hopefully this doesn’t change often.


Our previous number started to be throttled by a few wireless carriers. We’re working towards a long term solution but in the mean time have started to use a new number to alleviate the issue.

(Beckwith) #3


Some of us use this number with other tools such as IFTTT. Thus it is very desirable to keep it static.

Let us know when and if we can depend on a stable number.

(Ben Edwards) #4

I think it is unreasonable to assume that there will be one number across the base as we scale but if we can assign numbers to specific accounts and spread them around, that would seem like a good approach.

(Beckwith) #5


Thanks for letting us know up front. However, since roles aren’t available yet, there definitely is a need here. I’d much rather have my Moto-X bark out “Smart Things has sent you a message, Say listen…” while I’m driving rather that “Two Zero Two Nine Nine Nine Three Three Eight Nine has sent you a message…”

There are unintended consequences to your customers when you change this number.

(Brian) #6

Isnt there a way for carriers to whitelist your number? I mean look at facebook and google and twitter that all do two-factor auth. They must go through millions a day and mine always come from the same #. I imagine you guys use a service like twilio?

(Ben Edwards) #7

Yeah Twilio is what we use. It is evolving. Keep the feedback coming as it can directly inform our talks.

(Brian) #8

With Twilio, getting a shortcode is a solution.

(Brandon) #9

Having just gone through a Twilio integration at my current employer. Short codes are pricey at around $1K/mo.

(Brian) #10

Depending on volume, ST might be at that already based on the per-message pricing

Price of doing biz

(Brandon) #11

Price of doing business, sure, but I’m not sure I follow your volume comment. You have to pay per message regardless. Volume rates are slightly different, but not to a point of not caring about them.

(Brian) #12

I was under the impression that the shortcode came with a baseline messages, maybe my information is old

(Beckwith) #13


Seems to have changed to 51269 today. At least the sequence is much shorter until I add it to my contacts.

Any word if it is going to settle here?

(Brandon) #14

It’s now a shortcode which they have to pay for explicitly so I doubt it’s going to change any time soon.