SMS Disabled?

Has sms been disabled? I just tried a rule from SmartRules that definitely called “sendSms” but never got the message, then also tried a text message from “Damage & Dangers” and did not receive anything. Is it just me? I know there was talk about making this a subscription feature in the future…

Note - I do see the message in the “Hello, Home” log, but I do not actually receive the text.

I know they said that anything you can do now will not become a premium feature. Hopefully a bug.

Yeah, I should have received one last night and didn’t. I just tested now and no text message makes it to the phone but it is in Hello Home.

anything…exept sms …you’ll have to pay for those, but i think they are still free for now

@Ben said messaging might be “limited” in the future, but nothing else from the current features.

Mine started failing last night.

sendSms should be working, so it’s a bug. The engineering team is investigating.

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BTW, this left me stuck outside the house again last night. :cold_sweat:

Since geopresence is too unreliable, we added a text notification to a contact sensor on the front gate two days ago. This was supposed to notify my housemate so he would have about a minute to pause his game/movie and then come let me in.

Last night, no text.

SMS notifications should be working again. Previously sent messages will not be resent, but all new SMS notifications should be working again.

If you continue to see issues with SMS notifications, please let us know.

Works for me. Thanks!

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It is not working here yet. Is there a backend server propagation required?

Updated to add OK, it’s now working at our house again, but with a noticeable lag versus how it worked before it broke. Did they switch to a different texting service?

It probably doesn’t matter for most people, but we’re using it on the outside gate so my housemate knows to come let me in. There’s a big difference for us between the previous under a minute notification and the current, which seems to take 3 or 4 minutes.

second update about two hours after texting started working again, it suddenly sped up so now it’s back to the previous minimal lag.

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to emphasize the importance of using support in instances like this. Many times, when we see something that SHOULD be activated, but is down, we REALLY need to go through the avenue of support. The less information we get sent to support, the more oblivious we may be on certain issues to address them at an appropriate time.

I URGE you to continue to leverage support as a way to notify things of going down when we miss them. (like for this instance). When we find a pattern like all this, we can appropriately have the engineers expedite a fix/resolve the issues.

I encourage the use of the forums as a way of a discussion amongst peers.


Also : I’d like to believe we’ve been pretty transparent with a lot of things. We share a lot of information with you as we learn them ourselves. The moment we’re unable to do so, I personally would be very disappointed with the company I’m representing.

That said : We’re not going to just disable something without letting you know, then start charging for it. That’s ridiculous. :slight_smile: I’d be so pissed, myself, and for us all.


Out of context, that’s an awfully sad “hope”.

But as @April says, Tech Support’s correlation of issue reports is probably the quickest way for ST to identify / confirm bugs. :bug:


Just to reiterate again support is the quickest way for us to identify problems. :smile: :wink:

Bonus, our support team is awesome. They’re there to help you guys, so please take advantage of them.


I gladly do every day.

But Kris and April are right, our support team is incredible.


@April any update on public facing bug tracking? I know support is busy and they do get back to us but it would be nice if we could see if they’re already aware of things and not bother them, or just add a +Me Too button if they want more data they can ask for the particulars.


That’s something that’s always in discussion. I’ll certainly be pushing for it myself. I know it’s been always an ask from the community itself. :slight_smile:

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Ok I feel like it’s a win win, much more useful than:

Especially lately…