SMS cancel action app idea

I have Automatic and Nest connected so that when car leaves the garage it sets Nest to Away. When that happen, I get a nice little message from Automatic notifying that Nest was set to Away and is asking me to reply with cancel if the mode was changed in error. I was wondering if it’s possible to do something similar for the ST. Say you run the routine, you get an text and if it was an error, to have the option to reverse the action. Any thoughts, ideas?

I can think of ways to do it via IFTTT and possible Tasker, but was thinking about something within ST, rather than a third party, since you can undo a favourite contact via SMS reply.

I don’t believe their SMS gateway allows incoming messages. It will be awesome if I am wrong because I’ve been using IFTTT and virtual switches in addition to CoRe to perform the same type of task.

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