SmrtThings Multisensor Battery Contacts

Does anyone have a good way to keep the battery seated correctly in the SmartThings multipurpose? I have 9 of the 2016 model, and I’m having trouble with them staying connected.

I noticed some corrosion on the negative terminal on some of them, while troubleshooting, but it looks like the problem is mostly that the battery is not holding against the side terminal very well. When I notice that the device hasn’t checked in for a couple days I just use a terminal-driver to reseat it against the contact.

what is a terminal driver? oh nuts, 50 years on earth and all I have is a stupid old screwdriver for terminals. Now I must have a terminal driver too.

You can bend the contacts to add force to the connection. Eventually you keep bending then the contacts break off.

I never imagined that I had a battery contact problem with the gen2 ST multisensor, but now that I look at it, maybe corrosion on the tiny contact patch(es), is a real issue adding to the poor reliability of these sensors. Tell you want, I am re-interested in these turkeys. I will try 2-3 contact cleaners and see if the sensors will become worth the sunk cost. I am certainly not using them for anything important right now.

Many people are have noted these failing around 66-77% battery. I would not assume that you are seating the battery incorrectly. ST tech support is aware of the issue with no public resolution yet.

Terminal driver may be coloquial, theyre more commonly known as Electrician’s Micro Drivers or Precision Drivers… Its just a small electrically insulated screwdriver that is sized to the terminal blocks I work with. The size of the head fits between the battery and the wall without changing the pressure on the positive contact on the breadboard.

I tried bending the contact, but because of the corrosion, the brittle contact chipped away the first time I tried.

These particular sensors are failing with fresh batteries as well a at the 66-77% mark