Smoke Detector for Siren?

So, I’m looking at sirens and it occurs to me that I have 3 smoke detectors in my house that are capable of sounding an alarm.

Would it be possible to trigger a smoke detector as a siren? (Can they even be triggered from the hub?)



No, they can not. For whatever regulatory reasons smoke detectors can NOT be triggered from the hub. I really wanted to get a few detectors and set them up so if one went off it would trigger the others to sound as well.

But all the research I did, included info from SmartThings support said this isn’t possible and that it’s apparently a regulatory thing.

Hmmm… Arduino, connected to a servo that pushes the test button… :grinning:



Ok, is that for wireless? Cause when my hardwired one goes off, they all go off.

You could just take an old one, hack the board by soldering the external contacts on a door sensor to make it think it detects smoke.

I had hard-wired ones in my old house. They worked that way because there was a wire connecting them all. It reminds me of a rant I wrote about those smoke detectors on my blog several years ago.

what if you can make your existing hardwired detectors smart with roost then you can make it beep via their API. But if you’re going to this much trouble, you might as well get a siren.