Smoke/CO Detector Recent Status

I recently purchased three First Alert Smoke and CO Detectors (ZCOMBO), one for each floor of my house. Setup was painless, but now when I check their status from the Dashboard under Danger & Damage, flipping through Right Now to Recently I notice that the most recent entry is five days ago. That was the day I purchased and installed the final detector. The other two show up on the day they were bought and installed - seven days ago. Similar results can be obtained from the Things tile and selecting Activity.

Is this normal? I sort of expected to see more frequent communication.

My First Alert shows the same, my last event was a test on Oct 4th.
But if I go to the IDE I can see daily communication battery checks etc:

Great, thanks @Dave!

I didn’t realize you could get that level of detail for each device by clicking on the name in the My Devices pane. I had just been trying to decipher the logs and having no luck.

Mine has activity every time my wife cooks :wink: