SMC Zigbee Siren Repeater SMCSR01-Z -- any device type handler for it?

Has anyone made Device Handler for this? Smartthings V2 finds it fine and thinks it’s an outlet, but it does not work as intended.

That’s an interesting device, I assume it’s the same one that Xfinity and Cox use?

In any case, it is typical for a siren to be viewed as a generic on/off switch. What other functionality is missing?

It should have strobes too. But it does not work. I searched this forum, but found no answers.

OK, to get to the strobe feature it will definitely need a custom device type handler. Hopefully someone who has the device will chime in, I don’t recall it being mentioned before.

If you’re interested in trying to create a custom code yourself, the following thread is the best example I know of of how to go about that for a zigbee device:

The strobe as designed will flash on a burglary and stay solid if triggered by fire. The LED that blinks will give a status of the system: green = ready, orange = zone open, red = armed.

The other ability it gives is a ZigBee repeater and provides a tamper button - which will trigger the alarm if armed.

It would be useful if someone can get them to work. These are functional with iControl, I guess their platform is called “Open Home”.

If someone does make an attempt, I don’t know if there is a way to bridge the language open home uses into SmartThings???

Anyone ever find a DTH that works with the SMC zigbee siren?