SMC GB10-Z with smart hub

Looking to see if anyone has had any luck or experience getting this glassbreak too work with the smart hub.

I just ditched my time warner security system for a self built smart things system and have the same question. will try my friend google to see if I can get it working.

I was able to get the sensor detected by smart things by resetting the sensor but smart things does not know what type of thing it is.

A. Remove the cover from the glass break
B. Remove the battery.
C. While pressing and holding the defaulting
switch (see the figure on the next page),
insert the battery into the glass break
detector. The front panel LED goes ON.
D. After 1 second, release the defaulting
switch. The LED blinks green.
E. Replace the front cover and all the batteries
to the motion detector.
F. Replace the back cover.