SMC Device integration Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Hi There ,

is anyone has experience to connect SMC IoT devices on Samrtthings. I have Zigbee Carbon Monoxide Alarm SMCCO02-Z CA Model aand some other devices from SMC. Any help will be appreciated greatly.


SMC IoT does make Zigbee devices, but only the HA 1.2? (home automation) version has been integrated to SmartThings. If the datasheet does not mention HA then it is probably not implemented in the device. You might get it to pair as a “Thing”, but deciphering the clusters for use, is usually not publicly documented. So you’d be probing in the dark and might fall into a hole.

Hey, almost the same topic, i am a developer and looking the way to build carbon monoxide alarm ( our new EN 50291-1:2018 CO Alarm) to work with SmartThings, the product :CO Alarm collections ▏10 Years life Battery & Warrnary ▏Portable , and advice ?

Thanks , i am new in this .