Smatthings Motion Detectors Not Working out of the Box

I installed a smart things-based system last month, with multiple devices, including about a half dozen ST Motion detectors. Recently, I wanted to add another one, so I bought one at Amazon. When I got it, I pulled the tab. Nothing. No LED, no pairing, nothing. I tried pushing the button on the inside, changing batteries. Nothing. I figured I got a bad one, so I returned it to Amazon, and they sent a new one. I got it today. Same thing. Now I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. I saw the troubleshooting article that talked about blowing on the contacts because of residue from the tab. Tried it, even tried using the old trick of rubbing a pencil eraser on the contacts. Still nothing.

Am I missing something, or is quality control really that bad?


When you pulled the tab, you didn’t see any LED lights on the device? You might want to let support know about this because it’s certainly not normal.

yep, i talked with support today. they’re sending me out a replacement. No LED when I pulled the tab. No LED when I pulled and reinserted the battery, holding the button down. No LED when I changed the battery from another unit i have which works. What is strange is that this is the second unit (both from Amazon), that has had this problem. I returned the first one and they sent me out this one. Same behavior. Bad batch, maybe?

I just had this happen Friday. I opened the box and tried to pair it. Nothing. No LED when pushing the button as per directions. I checked the battery ad it was 3.4v which is good. I ordered a replacement from Amazon and got it yesterday. That one worked perfectly pairing instantly. Maybe a bad run. IDK.

I had a DOA too.

Replacement was fine.

I think the problem was the contacts for the battery as I could just about get it to work by holding the battery in manually with some force.

I had one that would keep failing. I thought it was the contacts not being ‘prenounced’ enough to make a good pressure contact with the battery.
When I tried to lever them out a bit I broke one of the contacts.
I soldered wire on to both contacts to make a good contact with the battery, re-inserted battery and it has been working faultlessly since.
I agree with an earlier suggestion, most of these issues are probably due to poor battery contact.

@bobbles @djtucker,

I second and third that motion, no punn intended!

I have 3 of the ST motion sensors, and they’ll be the last ones I buy too. The battery compartment design is terrible.

It seems it was just a bad run. My others work fine. I like the ST motion controllers. I’m not throwing out the baby with the bath water. (When’s the last time you heard that one?!)