SmatThings acting Wonky? Jan 23, 2019

For the past several hours I have been having problems controlling devices and the the app (classic) is throwing up errors. Connection to the API is also slow or timing out. My network connection is operating normally.
Posting this in case others are having the same problem

Yes! email/call support. The app and IDE are having problems for me right now.

Support request #678266 is my ticket.


Yep. Came here to see if anyone else was having issues. Some of my devices aren’t responding.

Yup, massive delays here too. Started about an hour ago

Yes, classic cannot load many of the screens and the IDE is out of whack! Looks like it’s a Netflix instead of development night!

Awwww… just f-it SmartThings! Get your effing act together! :angry:

Of my evening sunset related automations only 1 out of 3 ran. :confounded:

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Nah, everything is fine

(I’m also having issues)

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My wife, who “hates” all the automations and me spending money on them, flipped out because she had to find a light switch in the dark. Asked her if she appreciates all the work I’ve put into it now! Now I’m in trouble and on here to see if anyone else was having issues. Lol


Got a notice hours ago that my ecobee thermostat was offline. Didn’t think much of it at the time, came home and was able to control everything okay. but now nothing is working, classic doesn’t load any of the screens, and the new connect app show smart home monitor has a server error. Devices all show up in there but I can’t control any.

Completely busted ST causing all my devices to be useless.

Having the same issues. Mine started Sunday at 2 am. With a switch appearing to go bad making the lights go on/off repeatedly. I’ve replaced the switch and since then I have had the reported above issues. I will contact support to let them know.

+1. Noticed issues here just a short time ago.

USA, shard 1.

I have this massive delay 3 weeks ago and it took over a week to self-resolve after much testing with ST support. THe end was they wanted me to reset my hub, all 100+ devices! Thank crap it started working again, until 2 days ago!
Back to unresponsive Z-Wave only devices. AT shows movement on time but the commands get acted upon 10 seconds to 3 minutes later.

Pardon my language, but this response from Support is effing :cow: :poop:.

They have no idea WTF they are doing. :confounded:.

I hate seeing customers treated this way.

Yak chocolate soft-serve?