Smartwatches: App appearance in Omate Truesmart

Hi all!

I’ve recently installed the latest version of the app on my Omate Truesmart smartwatch and just wanted to say it looks ALMOST flawless…

I say almost because there’s this menu on the left where the account and shop are, that I presume must have more options than those 2 but I can’t scroll down to them…

The rest of the app (things, family, security and all other areas are perfectly usable!

Just my thoughts… :smiley:

Care to share some photos or screenshots? Maybe even a short video. Would love to see it in action.

I’m curious to see how it resizes for the screen size. The watch mentioned is a full Android device, not an Wear device if I am not mistaken.

Here you go guys… a few screenshots fired from the Truesmart itself…

Working on getting a video done…

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It actually looks better than I thought it would given the fact that ST has not had the time to make an interface that works of it! Good job by the ST devs for adhering to some standards that got it to look mostly OK on that small interface!

Our plans for smartwatches will probably be to limit to notifications and control (over configuration) - but yeah it is surprising how good that looks with no work.

That makes total sense. I do not want to be able to configure from such a small interface! However, I think being able to view a “thing” for troubleshooting purposes might be helpful. For example, when I was mounting my door sensors, I had some issues due to molding (as we all do). So, I had my phone setting on the floor where I could see it while I tested how far apart the sensor and the magnet would be before it was marked as open. Having that on a watch might be a little easier when installing.

Hey all!

I’ve actually been using my Truesmart to configure my setup the past few days and hey! I’m not missing my old phone at all!

There IS one part though that I can’t access but I’ve already told them… the menu bar on the left… where you access the shop, support, the account and (I think) log out… The problem is it isn’t scrollable, like the rest of the interface is!