Smarttools and Tasker

Hello all. I have a tasker profile setup to open my garage door. I have another one to close my garage door. I use Smarttools plugin to accomplish this. However in the task to close the door, I selected the device type (zwave garage door opener) , then the device (garage door opener) then the command to send. And there is where my problem is. I have 4 options in this order… Open, Close, Open, Close. I selected the first open and first close for the respective profile.
The profile works, except I have to repeat the command “google, open the garage door” every other time. Shouldn’t I only have 2 options under command? I suspect the 4 options has something to do with why I have to repeat the command.
I only have one garage door, and only one instance of zwave opener shows in both Smarttools and SmartThings.
Thank and hope this is in a good topic section.

i added the setup you are describing. I do see 4 options too. both open / close work as expected.
@joshua_lyon may be able to help on why there are more options than expected.

i do not have the problem where you have to repeat the command. I suspect it is the voice command task setup; not sharptools.


Some devices report their commands to SharpTools multiple times. I plan on adding a feature to remove duplicate methods, but in the mean-time you can select either one of the commands as they are same.

To @RoadRunner’s point, I would check to make sure the command is getting received by AutoVoice and parsed correctly each time. The duplicate commands won’t have any impact on the command being sent. For debugging purposes, I’ll sometimes add a Alert → Flash action to the task to display the received command or any variables that have been set. Alternatively, you can review the AutoVoice and SharpTools logs or even watch the SmartThings IDE Live Logs to see what’s happening.


Thank you both for your replies. I will have time tomorrow to play with it and see where the issue is with it not taking my first command all the time. I will say that on every instance, I get the gray box of text at the bottom of the screen telling me the command was received and it was successful. The door itself only follows the command every other time.
Live logs here I come…

@roadrunner, this is the Autovoice procedure I’m using:
Open Tasker
In Profiles, click the “+” icon to add a new profile
Select Event > Plugin > AutoVoice > Recognized
Click the pencil icon to configure the AutoVoice plugin
Tap the Speak Filter option and say the following when prompted:
Open the garage door
Select the option that matches your query from the list that is presented to you.
Check the Exact Command box

Thanks again.

i suspect issue may relate to you are using “exact match” instead of regex.
regex can parse “hold on wife; im trying to … ok google …let… open the garage door…now” while
exact match of the phrase would do nothing. ok vs okay, pause vs continuous speech, or an extra word in your sentence can screw things up in exact mode. regex is used for speech pattern matching in AV

adapt the following samples:

It is a good idea to monitor the screen for a success toast from sharptools or a popup / flash notification from your tasker task (if you added that in your task). i prefer not to do this; instead i make the last subtask as say: “task completed” to know the full profile when to the last step; that way I only have to listen for it to know the profile triggered and completed all the way to the end. sometimes it hangs on certain steps and this jams up the tasker program for other tasks too (a backlog). without knowing your profile smoothly enters and exits, you can’t start to troubleshoot.

also if using AV is too stressful; use an widget icon to activate the task instead. guaranteed to work 100% if your task normally runs fine with the play button.

GL with your situation and hope it works out.


Any chance someone could give me the setup instructions? This is exactly what I want to do but tasker is overwhelming for a pleb like me. I have smart tools and auto voice and tasker