Smarttings mobile app doesn't work after updating to iOS 10.1

After I updated iphone 6s plus to iOS 10.1 yesterday, the smartthings app no longer work, it prompts to login and continue to setup and request to activate new hub!

Anyone experience this symptom?

Mine works. No issues (other than still a little slow).

I am not sure why an iOS update would prompt you to setup and activate a new hub. Sounds like more of an account issue. I would contact support. I am running 10.1 and have no issues either.

U hit the same bug as many of us. We are still working with support to clear this up.

Mine went crazy the other day and kept logging me out. Sometimes it would take me into the register hub screen. If you close out of the app and bring up the kill apps (double tap home). Kill the app and start it again. You should have the ability to “start over” or similar and then you can go to log in instead of setup new hub

I tried kill app, restarted and login again, issue remain the same, until I installed the same app to my andriod phone, and managed to login from android app, then my iOS app able to login without prompting me to activate hub.