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so what is SmartTiles and do i need it?

is it just a front end for SmartThings? allowing easy control of my things


Yes, that’s a good description of it.

It was created by a community member under the original name of “action” and quickly became extremely popular.

Runs on any phone/Tablet with a web browser

It runs in the web browser, which means it doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone or an android phone or Windows phone. It will still work. It also has a simpler install process than many of the custom smartapps.


Because it’s customizable, it allows you to include just a few of your devices or many. So people commonly used it as a wall mount or table controller for individual rooms. You’ll see this usage in some of the official site’s blog stories: pretty much everybody who has a wall mount tablet in those stories is using either SmartTiles or one of the other community created “dashboards” rather than the official mobile app.

There’s even a whole topic in these forums where people put pictures and descriptions of their wallmount solutions for SmartTiles.

It is also used to give someone like a child or flatmate toggle access to devices in the home without giving them access to the rest of the account. So they would be able to turn lights on and off without being able to change any schedules or routines that had been set up.

You could also set up a tablet controller in each child’s room which would allow them to turn off the devices in their own room but not the one next-door. (One of the first use case requests.)

Essential for some, unnecessary for others

As to whether you need it, that’s a personal decision. If you feel frustrated by the “things” list in the official mobile app, then SmartTiles is certainly a good option to consider as an alternative. If you’re happy with the official mobile app as it is, then you likely don’t need it.

It’s free to try, and then a donation is suggested if you find it valuable.

I myself have no connection with them other then as someone who has used it and liked it. @tgauchat and @625alex (the original developer) are the two community members who have a formal association.