SmartTiles Video Tile

Can anyone tell me how to fix my video tile? It’s a dropcam on an iMac. It has never done this before.

Couple things to try quickly…

Are you using any custom CSS for the video tile? If so, you may have changed the top padding or something similar.

Try refreshing the page? I’m sure that has been done, but it does fix some weird issues sometimes.
Try opening SmartTiles and clicking Done to re-save, then refresh.

Try deleting and re-adding the video tile from the dashboard.

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Nothing custom. I have tried deleting and adding again. My Mac is 5k. Would that throw anything off?

I have seen weird resizing / margins on Dropcam feeds (live action feed, not SMV stop motion video snapshots).

Dropcam is still using Flash, right? Is this in Safari?

It’s possible that the feed has actually got some weird inside buffers. What does the feed look like if you paste the URL into it’s own window / tab and you resize it?