SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility

Thanks @Eduardo_Veras, but when accessing the smarttiles page with http it’ll redirect to https.
And when accessing the video stream via https it will cause an error because the cert is self-signed and won’t be trusted.

As I’m looking at it more I’m guessing this is just a limitation of the way Andriod/Chrome handles a page when they use the “Add to Home screen” option.

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Trying to figure out how my iOS app is able to stream my foscam C1 using the Foscam baby configuration.

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Has anyone been able to get Arlo to work?

Does this still work for you, im trying to get this to work with my TENVIS IPROBOT3 and used your url template with my details etc and it shows up on all browsers like this:


im lost and eager to stream my TENVIS IPROBOT3 through SmartTiles.

realised i was on the wrong port so went to 554 and now i get this:

and the page tab icon for loading just keeps spinning as if its trying to load a stream but cant . . . any ideas?

At home, I have a small computer running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials connected to two JBODs that contain my media files and data (and their backups). I run a few extra things on this server (such as uTorrent, Calibre, things like that). I was looking for a good and simple method of controlling and capturing data from a variety of webcam sources to help with home security, and a few years ago I found the following:

[Netcam Studio][1] - The spiritual successor to webcamXP

I have it set up to perform motion capture if detected on a schedule. It’s very flexible and convenient. The resultant files are recorded to my local hard drive, and then backed up to the cloud. Y’know, just in case someone takes the two JBODs out the door.

I find the [ISpyConnect][2] pages for IP camera URLs to be very useful for working out how to connect to certain cams. I currently have a Linksys WCV80N pointed at the front entrance. The URL for this is:
I used this link format to add my camera to SmartTiles as a generic device and everything looks great:

[edited to add: the username:password@url thing doesn’t work for me - but if I authenticate the browser session to the camera before I start, it appears]

I’m looking to add a few more cameras to my set up. I like the look of the Foscams listed near the start of this thread. Netcam Studio supports several of the outdoor models, too. That sounds like an ideal set up for the garage and back garden.

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Are you using the direct camera feed in your SmartTile, with a separate port open on your network, or does NetCam studio provide some kind of aggregated video url that you can use to see a specific camera? (less ports open on firewall)

I’m using the direct camera feed in my SmartTile, with a routed port, but I should get Netcam Studio to supply this for me. One weekend project is to update NCS and set this up.

Ah. I wasn’t sure if Netcam studio could provide a specific camera’s url. Let us know how it goes… I only have one camera so far, but It only makes sense to aggregate them together with Netcam studio or something like that and use one port on the router rather than one for each camera.

I use blue iris and it binds all the camera internal ip to one ip.

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but then can you view individual ones? I wouldn’t want to see a smart tile feed with a whole bunch of tiny cameras

I wouldn’t want a bunch of tiny cameras either. That wouldn’t sell well for sure. They have their own channel.

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I have been experimenting with camera tiles. Now I want to remove some of them and I can’t seem to get rid of them. I’m using the generic MJPEG settings. I remove the title and url, then click done and it is still there. When I go back into the settings the information that was there before removing it remains. I tried a few different things but am still not able to remove a camera. Any help or advice?

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I ended up installing ispyconnect and getting the camera feed set up through there, so that I can consolidate the camera feeds. I did find that you do not have to sign up/pay for the remote access feature, you can simply port forward to the server and it works just fine.

I have just tried removing an mjpeg camera and can confirm the same behavior.

We will test and report back.

@tgauchat, fyi.

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@adgwill and @MongoRanger, when you delete a video stream, do you actually tap “Done” button or “Back”?

If “Done” button is not tapped, the change is not committed.

As I said, I am clicking “Done” in the top right corner. I have tried clicking it even to the point it backs me all the way out to the smart apps page.

It seems that it works fine if any changes are made as it does save them. It seems to only ignore the change when all the information is taken out. I have tried just taking out the url and it restores what ever was there prior to me attempting to remove it and the same with the title. I have tried removing one, the other, and both with the same results. It is like it is not accepting null.

What OS and app version are you using?

Android 4.4
Smartthings 2.0.4 build 201489 and just now updated to 2.0.5 build 201568
SmartTiles 5.4.2-A

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Looking for camera recommendations.
Need INDOOR & OUTDOOR recommendations. Outdoor must be mountable to a regular electrical box.
Need Pan/Tilt (would like Zoom)
Need Night vision for OUTDOOR cameras.
Prefer 1.0 Megapixel or better.
Have CAT5 runs already present, so POE / wired Ethernet is probably preferred since I don’t have electrical at the camera locations, and I like the security of wired (vs wireless) connections.
Need live STREAM video as well as single picture integration to SmartThing/Smart Tiles, as well as ability to control P/T/Z camera.

Seems people have a lot of good things to say about FOSCOM, but I’m open to suggestions and any comments.

Thanks in advance…