SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility

Ya I’ve tried Safari and Chrome in OSX… here is what I am passing the camera maybe its a silly typo?

I did find a setting to allow jpgs without authentication in the maintenance section but not video…

“Snapshot URL Authentication - To enable this option, you must enter the username and password to access http://IP Camera’s IP address/image/jpeg.cgi for getting a still image.”

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I am no expert, but port 80 seems like you don’t have port forwarding on this IP. maybe leave out the 80 or add port forwarding.

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my IP addresses are 10.0.1.#
you may want to double-check that format.

Ya the x.100.x is normal in bridge mode which my router is.

The 80 is default and would need changed for external viewing but for now it works in a browser, but I have to use the popup for user and password :confused:

Any updates on the video tap to full screen?

ActionTiles has tap to popup large view of the video (nearly full screen… But I think it doesn’t currently stretch low resolution streams).

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can someone recommend me which is the best ip camera integration that can work with both smartthings and smart tiles?

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yes, here are the http streams. If its rstp you choose than you’ll need a server to create http links. The Pipcams have native http though, so you should be alright.

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When I was using SmartTiles I was able to display my D-Link DCS-932L’s feed using my local IP because SmartTiles was hosted locally. If I’m not mistaken, ActionTiles is hosted remotely, so a local IP won’t work anymore. Any suggestions on how to display the feed? My three thoughts on how we could maybe make this work:

  1. Feed directly from camera.
  2. Feed from Synology DiskStation Security Center.
  3. Feed from SmartThings (via @blebson’s Smart App)

Apologies if this has already been discussed. I am having a real tough time searching these forums efficiently.

AT gives the video stream URL to the browser. The local browser loads the URL. The video goes from your camera to the browser. It doesn’t go through some remote AT server. It was the same with ST.

The Smartthings app camera integration is different. . . .


SmartTiles is hosted on the SmartThings Cloud, not “locally”.

Feed Video / Media Tiles in both SmartTiles and ActionTiles are direct URLs and bypass both Clouds.


Anyone able to get nest cameras to stream through the new actiontiles ?
They stream through SmartThings using nest manager.
But through actiontiles I keep getting invalid url.
Using the url from nest sharing settings
I have tried setting nest to flash as well.

Actiontiles references using nest cameras in the help section but so far no luck.

It does work as a short cut link but not as steaming media

Nope and I could never get it working in SmartTiles either.

I have not tried this yet.

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Please send me the details of this so we can see if we are mistakenly claiming it is “invalid”.


If it works in…

  • A plain browser window.
  • and in SmartTiles

…then it likely should still work in ActionTiles and we want to put more effort into identifying the characteristics or factors in play.

Of course… This might get a lot easier if SmartThings would open up an API directly into Video Streams from supported Cameras (i.e., cameras that have Device Type Handlers).

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never mind… I am too confused right now to stay after this


I just noticed if you have them set up as “my media” and right click on the panel page camera icon then select open in new tab. The new tab shows the live feed correctly as well but using them as a “my shortcut” links would be the same and cleaner.

Same for me.

It seems SmartTiles/ActionTiles has an issue with the URL for some reason.

To Spike and anyone else wondering about getting SecuritySpy stream to show in Action Tiles.
Yes it is possible and easy enough. *Once you have exhausted all results form Google and then have a good nights sleep
SecuritySpy Web Server Specification - Ben Software is your friend.

For video streams is it not the ipaddress:port/live?cameraNum=2 as this will present webpage with different links etc, it is:

This link would then provide a direct feed to camera number 2(starts at 0), req_fps=10 would set frame rate at 10, and the auth is a base 64 for username:password, can use an online convertor like Base64 Online - base64 decode and encode