SmartTiles: Video Camera Compatibility


(Mark De Vane) #463

Thanks for the heads up on alternate URL structure. And here’s the great thing! It fixed all my problems. So here is the latest:

  1. it appears that many of the Android browsers cannot deal with the std URL convention ( but they do seem to work with your approach.

  2. I was able to reproduce your problem with live mjpeg stream “stuttering” and breaking after 10-15 seconds, but I found that at least in my situation, it was a result of incorrectly adding the URL to the Stop Motion Snapshot section of STiles. When I entered it correctly into the Motion MJPEG section, it now works perfectly.

  3. Most importantly, the new approach works with Fully Kiosk Browser so I now have streaming mjpeg video and snapshots all working in full screen!

I get multiple berrs this evening, since I was able to strike two issues off the list of many… If I could only get ST to talk to my UPB lighting gateway I would be a happy camper.

Thanks again - your info solved a big problem for me.

(Smuts) #464

Great news! No problem.


Great tip, thank you! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work on Android phones running IP Webcam, which I use as security cameras. At least with Chrome as my browser, it doesn’t accept the base 64 string, and I have to type the username and password into a dialog box that pops up, the same as if I provided no username and password at all… :frowning: I tried placing the base 64 username:password string in the URL where it would normally appear, and I also tried appending it with ?auth=string, but neither one seemed to work.

(Mark De Vane) #466

Hmm… Here is what I did - see if you can reproduce:

  1. go to Copy/paste your username:password combination into box. Obtain the base64 encoded combination.

  2. I use the following string templates depending on type of stream output,

Streaming MJPEG:

Snapshot Image:

Replace internal IP address and user:pass base64 encoded string with your own.

  1. test in Chrome and IE or Safari on pc or mac or iphone to confirm this structure works for your camera. If it does, then test in Android. If not, issue is likely that the URL construct is not valid for your particular model of camera. Are you able to view any pics/streams with a browser to date? There is a website which maintains a database of valid commands for a huge array of IPcams - cant remember it but if you read this thread, its address is mentioned numerous times.

  2. If it does work on a pc/mac/iphone, test on Android in a browser. If it doesn’t work here, then I believe the browser itself is the problem and can’t handle the structure.

re:IP Webcam - I have not tried this app, but most apps use the RTSP stream vs HTTP, since its more efficient and the standard for most IPcams today, to my knowledge.

Good luck and let us know what you find.

(Smuts) #467

I have 5 devices running IP Webcam Pro, but I don’t have authentication enabled on them. I don’t expose them outside of my network. And I haven’t used them in Smarttiles.

In any case, the connection page on the IP Webcam web interface says this under one of the connection options:

“Note: If necessary, specify your username in password in URL, like this: username:password@192.168.1.XX.”

I haven’t tried it. But that’s what they say to do.

More info:

Here is the list of IP Webcam service URLs:

http://192.168.1.XX:8080/video is the MJPEG URL.
http://192.168.1.XX:8080/shot.jpg fetches the latest frame.
http://192.168.1.XX:8080/audio.wav is the audio stream in Wav format.
http://192.168.1.XX:8080/audio.aac is the audio stream in AAC format (if supported by hardware).
http://192.168.1.XX:8080/audio.opus is the audio stream in Opus format.
http://192.168.1.XX:8080/focus focuses the camera.
http://192.168.1.XX:8080/nofocus releases the focus.


Thank you Mark.

  1. I used, but it passed back exactly the same result as tuxtools, so I guess the base64 string is OK.

  2. I actually used the IP Webcam strings that asmuts shows below. I don’t think /Streaming/Channels/101 means anything in IP Webcam. I tried it for grins, but it failed.

  3. If I supply the username:password in front of the IP address in clear text STiles opens OK but each video fails to appear the first time I open it, so I right-click each video tile and select “Open in New Tab”. Chrome opens each of them successfully (with no authentication dialog), then I go back and refresh the STiles dashboard and they all work for a while. Until the session ends, as you indicated. Supplying the base64 string either in front of or after the URL does not work, and results in an authentication dialog right away. The website with the webcam database is iSpy.

  4. I don’t have any Macs or iPhones to test it on. It functions the same on Chrome, either on PC or Android.

Thank you again!


Thank you asmuts.

Yes, I use the /video URL format with the username:password string in front of it. It works in clear text, but not in base64.

(BTW, /videofeed also works).

(Mark De Vane) #470

Ok - lets break this one down:

  1. the URL string convention I am using is for a particular model of Hikvision:
    a) are you using Hikvision?
    b) model #?
    c) if not Hikvision, or if not correct string for your Hikvision model, then are you able to find the correct URL string convention for your model? I have seen that Hikvision uses different conventions depending on model and firmware revision.

If I read correctly, the STiles tile does not authenticate properly, but when you Open in New Tab, it does work. What URL are you opening? Have you tried simply pasting the url in Chrome? No Stiles, just Chrome. If it works OK in Chrome, but not in Stiles, then something is configured incorrectly in STiles. I made an initial error, when I posted the motion video URL in the Snapshot section of STiles. It would stutter and then die. When posted to the correct tile, it works fine - has not dropped the image in past 48 hours.

Also, I could not get it working in Android on a consistent basis using the non-encrypted approach, because, I believe, not all browsers support that convention. When I shifted to the encrypted approach, they all worked.

The final thing to consider - each OS/platform/app clients use and can accept and function with different conventions. The approach I use is specifically for Fully Kiosk Browser and other browsers on FireOS (Android fork). IP Webcam Pro may use and accept completely different conventions, but all client (web and app) will need to use the convention created by the individual webcam manufacturer. Unfortunately, due to the lack of standards, we are forced to play the guessing game.

(Smuts) #471

He’s using software called IP Webcam that turns an android device into a camera. It has it’s own URL structure which is documented on the camera’s web page. It’s pretty cool software. I bought the paid version for more features. You can listen and talk through the speakers. I use it to play with my cats in other rooms. . . .

I have it running on my Smart Tiles displays. I use it instead of motion detector to wake up the tablet. It plugs into Tasker nicely. (fwiw. Sometimes the camera comes to the foreground on wake instead of the ST display. I’m not sure why. This never happened with I was using Motion Detector. . . .)

(Mark De Vane) #472

Now I understand why I was confused by your previous comments. I thought IP Webcam was an IP client app. [:relieved:slap head]

All clear now…

(Smuts) #473

Even more confusing, the app called Tinycam is a client and not a camera!


From what I read, no one has gotten the Nest Cam to work with SmartTiles?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy; NOT a SmartThings Employee.) #475

I don’t recall seeing a solution.

At this time, SmartTiles (& ActionTiles) is only able to handle stream types that can be natively embedded in the browser without a plug-in. That means no RTSP and a many other compression or stream types – for now.

I hear that new Chromium on Android (and perhaps coming soon to desktops?) will support native RTSP. That will help a lot. But we still wish SmartThings would give us direct access to people’s camera streams (for SmartThings compatible cams).


Thanks for the info.

(Doug) #478

I’m looking for a wireless outdoor cameras that work with SmartTiles, any suggestions?

(Amauri Viguera) #479

Well “wireless wireless” is going to be tough. I have a couple of Arlo cameras and they’re not meant for this purpose, and I suspect that any battery-powered ones will have issues with battery life for the purposes of long-term monitoring.

If you just mean WiFi and wired power (or POE) then you can get some outdoor foscam ones on the cheap. I have a few of those and they work well with SmartTiles using the whole videostream.cgi URL.

(Thomas Fertterer) #480

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to SmartTiles so apologies in advance if this is not the correct thread to post this in, but I’m having trouble finding any info on the subject. Is there any information regarding browser compatibility to display the mjpeg stream? I know in the SmartTiles Smart app it states “There may be issues displaying these video streams using Chrome in iOS”, but I’m hoping there’s more information regarding browser versions of Chrome,Firefox, Opera, Safari,etc. The reason I ask is I have two Hikvision DS-2CD2032F-I cameras that I have successfully displaying the stream in SmartTiles when I access the dashboard in Firefox on my desktop, but they do not display in any other browsers that I’ve tried. The URL format that I have working is http://user:pass@ipaddress/Streaming/Channels/2/httppreview or http://user:pass@ipaddress/Streaming/Channels/2/preview

Again, sorry if this is not the correct thread for this topic and I appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction. Thanks!

(Smuts) #481

Search this thread for HIKVision. There is some help above.


Is there a camera that works with SmartTiles without a delay?

I have a Foscam C1 that shows up but there is a huge delay. I’m necessarily stuck with this and am flexible if there is something that doesn’t have a delay.

I also have a BlueIris license which is what I am currently using to stream through SmartTiles.

Thanks in advance!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy; NOT a SmartThings Employee.) #483

What type of delay are you experiencing? Delay in starting up, or general lag?

If your connection to the camera is via a LAN connection, then it should be pretty fast, but that depends on the camera hardware more than anything else (possibly the resolution and compression of the camera too).

If you are using port-forwarding, then that introduces a little more delay because it has to bounce around the Internet.

If the connection is via a vendor’s cloud (e.g., Kuna, Nest …?), then it’s even slower.